Background Story:  

The partnership between Bien Castañares and Graham Hall started in July 2015.  Having three full-time members and an OJT, the Cebu team initially rendered editing 2D videos and creating e-Learning content for martial arts schools in Australia, Europe and the US as home-based contractors. The said OJT was eventually absorbed with the team after his graduation. 

With continued patronage of our clients, the number of team members doubled before the end of 2016.  This event led the team to move to a bigger space and recognized it as their office employing a Cook/Caretaker at the same time. Here, the team was segregated as group of Designers and group of Developers.

In 2017, the team hired a Full-Time Quality Assurance Specialist and two Administrative Staffs to handle the documentation and opened its internship program once again to welcome IT interns/on-the-job trainees. Within the same year, the team has accommodated four batch of OJT’s where it summed up to thirteen interns in all. 

At the start of 2018, five OJT’s who graduated from their degrees were also absorbed for employment.  With the continued growth of the team, Mr. Castañares then registered it in May 2018 to formally operate as a company. Presently, the team is composed of twenty-seven (27) full-time staffs and fourteen (14) interns.