Stay-in Staffs during ECQ

The COVID-19 pandemic surprised us and drastically changed our daily lives.  Our wake-up-at-6AM-to-get-to-work-by-8AM is no longer feasible. With the enhanced community quarantine and directive of the government to close all businesses except those providing basic commodities, we have come face-to-face with fear of temporarily (or worse, permanently) losing our jobs which is our main source of income. And given the crisis that we are in now, we need uninterrupted cash inflow. Thankfully, businesses responded positively and offered work-from-home arrangements to its employees, letting them take home their office items so they can still work and get paid. But, what if an employee has no means of performing work at home?

Here at AGuyIKnow, we give emphasis to the safety and well-being of our employees not just during the good times, but especially during the worst of times. Knowing well that not everyone can bring their jobs at home, stay-in option was given to those who still want to work during the quarantine period, but does not have the capability to bring their jobs to their homes. We have a total of eight (8) employees who took this option and are currently working safely in our office. We have sleeping lounge available for both men and women so availability of sleeping area is not an issue. Thankfully, our kitchen masters, Wisdom, Kuya Rammie, and Ate Grace, did not leave their roles and are with our other stay-in staffs to cook for them. Since there are only eight of them, we’ve been going extra and treated them with special desserts to at least compensate not just for their perseverance, but also for choosing to work despite being away from their families in this time of great uncertainty.

Angel, one of our QAs, expressed her worries saying, “I’m afraid for the current situation that it might get worse since the number of affected persons is growing. This might cause to extend the number of days for the lockdown here in our place.” But, being the breadwinner in the family, she expressed her gratitude for the stay-in option by saying, “Thank you for giving us an option to stay here in the office. We’re still able to work to provide the needs of our family.”

We know that these are difficult times. We understand that you fear this issue may further escalate and you might not be going home anytime soon. Please know that we are with you until this crisis ends. Remain faithful and let us heal as one. #FlattenTheCurve.

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