AGuyIKnow Takes Action Against COVID-19

Three months to 2020 and the world is on frenzy. A crown we fear – a novel Corona Virus – emerged, causing a pandemic we did not see coming, imposing grave threats while taking a toll on the global economy. Where do we go from here?

Here at AGuyIKnow, we prioritize our employees’ safety. We are one with the government on its endeavors on controlling the spread of this alarming virus. It has been a busy week of planning as to what best actions and preventive measures we can take to make sure each of our employee’s well-being is not compromised. Over our several meetings, we have implemented precautionary measures to combat this threat.

To promote social distancing and ensure that our employees don’t struggle with public transportation, we have implemented a carpool service. Some of our employees who have private cars volunteered as drivers. With this, our employees’ companionship is further strengthened as everyone made adjustments on their daily schedule to match with others. And since they cannot cater everyone, we have outsourced drivers who are solely servicing us. It is humbling that, even in this trying times, we are still able to provide employment to others who need it. We are also encouraging our employees to work from home so that they can be with their family while securing their jobs should the issue further escalate. Moreover, we recognize the high financial need during this crisis so we have given our employees their prorated 13th month pay as early as March 18. To avoid the deluge of customers in the grocery stores during traffic hours, we have extended our carpool service for our employees to buy their groceries during working time when there are less expected customers.

These are some of the practices that we are currently doing now to ensure our employees’ safety. We know it is difficult. To strive during these challenging times, we need to share common goals and exert collective effort. In the midst of this crisis, let us remain steadfast and faithful. Let us be hopeful that there will eventually be an end to this struggle. As how Max Ehrman puts it, “With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world.” Stay safe, everyone!

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