Designers’ Team Outing

It’s been a while since our graphic designers had a team outing activity. For the year’s start, the team held its first outing last February 22-23, 2020 at a beach in Tingko, Alcoy, Cebu. The activity was spearheaded by our tenured graphic designers, namely: Prince, Angelo, Barbs, and Tibor. Our designer interns also joined the activity. They started the day by dipping themselves in the waters of Tingko and enjoyed a sumptuous lunch together (and yes, there was lechon).  After lunch, the designers and interns had random plays and concluded the night having meaningful conversations around a bonfire.

This has become like a tradition for most of us to ‘bury’ someone in the sand when we are at the beach.
On the left photo, Monique gave an iconic pose; so on the right picture, Barbs tried to do the same. Who did it better?

Since it was only a two-day outing, they left for home on Sunday morning. When you are with the best people, every enjoyable activity seems too short-lived. Nevertheless, all our designers and interns agreed that it was a chill and memorable getaway full of fun and laughter.  When asked how he felt about the recently concluded team outing, Angelo Magto, one of our tenured graphic designers, said, “Pretty memorable, because for once, we did something out of our work or office which I have always wanted to happen”. Here’s to our designer team’s first outing this year because more is coming!

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