Hearts Day 2020

Our team is mainly composed of youngsters in age and in heart.  These people are so dedicated in rendering the grind needed to get the deliverable done.  So, on Valentine’s Day, the office decided to celebrate this sense of commitment they have. Another reason for this occasion is that most of our staffs are singles!  Yes, mostly singles.  And, what better way to celebrate this Love Day is for us to gather around and express our appreciation for each one’s effort.

Group picture before dinner time!
We still managed to smile though our tummies made some noises already. 🙂

In the afternoon, we enjoyed a little game to break in the hectic schedule on this normal working day.  And, during any office events, our Admin Staffs will always take charge in organizing the flow of events and in decorating the venue; therefore, this one is no exception. 

Later that night, we indulged in the most awaited part which is the dinner buffet.  Everyone enjoyed the foods served, but most of all, each staff relished chatting with everyone around along with some social drinks.

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