A look back at 2019

This year has been the busiest for us by far.  We welcomed it in January by conducting a seminar that covered the topics “Shaping your Career,”  “Fundamentals of 2D editing,” “Overview of Adobe After Effects,” “Attributes of a QA” and “How the Internet Works” to a group of USJR CICCT students in their Basak Campus.

Bien, giving the introduction during the USJR Seminar.

In the succeeding month, we took a big decision to move our office to a new location.  Thus, the first quarter was mostly spent in looking for a bigger and better venue.  And in good fortune, we were able to make a great deal with our current lessor and has made the transfer in April.

Melody, Andrei of Matahom Mural Commission, and the design.

However, while we were still occupying the previous space, the team events were never hampered.  We enjoyed hunting for eggs during our Easter activity and watched one of the year’s movie hits, “Avenger’s: End Game.”

Inside the SM Seaside Cinema before the movie started.

Gram, our founder, has made his “comeback” to the Philippines when the office transfer was completely done in May.  Though he wasn’t able to join the office blessing in June, he made sure that we’ll have the best time with him during our Monteray Team Building.

Gram, giving out his wacky pose in a photo op with the Graphic Designs team.

In August, we gladly received and oriented our thirteen CTU interns.  The first batch of OJT’s to render service in our new site.  Since then, more affairs took place like our own version of “Dota 2: The Intenationale” and the “Halloween Party 2019” which were both collaborated events with the “South.gg” organization. These events promoted the spirit of sportmanship among the employees.

Naomi and Melody during the OJT orientation.
The talented Champions of “The Internationale” AGuyIKnow & South.gg version.
Six team representatives during their Halloween opening dance number.

It was also awesome that Gram was able to visit the PH site for the second time in October engaging each staff in a one-on-one talk.  He further brought Prince, our Senior Graphic Designer, along with him to Australia for a product training.  This event was so significant because Gram was able to fulfil his self-promise to visit the local team at least once a year.  Moreover, this is the first time that a Cebu-based staff was sent to the main office for a business trip.  This drove us to exert extra effort so this will hopefully become the “first of many.”

The Duo’s twofie in Australia.

And finally, when December came, it has become customary to our team to always close the year by conducting an outreach program where we share anything that we would like to our less fortunate fellows.  In this year, we chose to conduct a “Gift giving” to the homeless people of Cebu City.  The experience was totally different than the ones we had in the previous years’ outreach programs yet it has still made us feel fulfilled. It has always been our wonderful year-ender.

The recipients falling in line during the distribution of packed gifts.

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