The Internationale AGuyIknow & Dota 2 Championships 2019

This is a company event only, just using the hype of making the event look like The International, no copyright infringement intended.

Here are the participating teams and their rosters.

To make the tournament more exciting and dynamic, the roster is shuffled according to their respective MMRs’. Each team has high and low-level MMRs’ so that each match will not be one-sided matches.

Team Unsolid
Bien Castanares, Neil Mark “Monsterdudz” Basinillo, Mark Vincent “1” Abrao, Rodrigo “RGZ” Isabelo Jr. and Helvert Jess “Trev” Tagaan.
Team Eru
Archie Maraasin, Marc Louie “MCFAITH?” Cabigas, Carl “CaS^” Sita, Gil Ralph “Destrozo” Canedo, and Bretz Llyod.
Team Daks
Bob “Bachisi” Tagulob, Ben Amiel “Benz” Castanares, Marwin Joseph “Pain” Medado, John Carlo “JCM” Manolong, and Christian “Bosskie”.
Team YSSNP Eater
Carlo “80/20″ Chan, Prince Repollo, Wisdom Lazaga, Junn Neil”Puppy.Cholo” Baldoza, Crisanto Baracao,
Olem “Ava” Babia, Davien Ashely “Bread” Barba, Stephen “Alice” Balansag, Alfred “Tabs” Tabasa, and Jenard Sasan
Team TrashThrowers
Mel Raymond “Muffy” Salma, Ian “Giro” Castanares, Kerwin Jacosalem, John Mark “Kunichiyawa” Mutia, and Tiborsho.
Team I’mmortal.GG
John Kevin ” Eyouth ” Cadungog, Michael ” Savage ” Estopa, Gerald Palarion, John Jess “PoorNetConnection*” Bayutas, and Jm “lizzie” Bacayo.
Jeanard Intension Cantalejo, Franco Delos Santos, Jeff Palapar, Bernard Chua, and Donald

This tournament is also a way for the company to bound other employees and makes a friendship out of the likes of the employee, which is Dota2.

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