How it all started – part 3

In about 3 months from now, our venture will be hitting the 3 years milestone. 
And we are still growing. Every staff has experienced growth. 
As time passed, our first batch of interns finished their internship with us. 

We are very thankful to the pioneering batch from USJ-R. (University of San-Jose Recolletos).
The first batch to complete their internship were Angelo, Barbs and Bryan.
They worked as designer interns and we learned a lot from them, especially in After Effects.
They finished their internship around June 2017.

Shortly after the first batch completed their internship with us, the 2nd batch, also from USJ-R finished. 
The 2nd batch were Christine and Trina, and they pioneered our project tracking.
They did our bug, test and feature request documentations.
They finished their internship around mid August 2017.

Below are pictures of the first and second batch interns, completing their internship with us.


PS. Barbs got absorbed and is now working full time with us.
He is one of our most creative designers right now.

3rd batch of interns were Daniel and Bea, also from USJ-R, they were awesome developers. 
Complimenting each other as front and back end  web developers.

4th batch of interns were Kobe, Manuel and Alliza, they were from DMC College Foundation.
Both Manuel and Kobe were excellent coders. they learned laravel prior to starting their internship, and were very skilled when they finished.
Alliza also was an excellent QA intern, assisting Michelle and the developers with their task documentation and testing.

The 3rd and 4th batch finished their internships on December 2017.

Below are pictures of the third and fourth batch interns, completing their internship with us.


And the 5th batch of interns are from Professional Academy of the Philippines
The new interns from PAP are Mcfloat, Stephen and Krislyn.
There are also 2 interns from USJ-R in this batch, one of which is Christine (her 2nd internship with us). And the other is Charlyn.
Another intern is Junrey, from Salazar Colleges of Science Institute and Technology (SCSIT).
Mcfloat and Stephen are our laravel interns.
Christine, Chrislyn and Charlyn are our QA interns.
And Junrey is our lone designer intern right now.

We also have a new full time laravel developer, John Wick. (Don’t kill his dog or you will regret it)

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