How it all started – part 2

After our first year of operations in the Philippines, we are now ready for growth again.

After getting comfortable in our new office, we added a new department along with a new project.
Walah! The developers team was born!
Initially composed of Goks, Punx and Umar, we started the development of

But then Goks and Punx left, and we are left with Umar. And so we got Olem and JK.
We also have a permanent cook now, Ate Yang2.
We also had to expand to a bigger office and we got the adjacent room next door. (Door R).

July 2016, new lockers were added to accommodate more staff’s laptops


2016 November team building activity. We went bowling at SM seaside.


2016 December team dinner at Casa Verde


At December 2016, Gram visited for the 2nd time and we played beer pong with the team.

Gram’s 2nd visit, picture taken inside door S


Gram’s 2nd visit, picture taken outside door S. Playing beer pong with Gram before his flight next day.


Gram’s 2nd visit, Umar beating Gram in the beer pong championship game


Gram’s 2nd visit, picture taken at door R

Even though Angelo was working with us full time since the beginning, he did his CIT internship with us on 2016. Technically he is the first intern we had, and got absorbed. Now he is our mobile developer.
At the start of our 2017, we started accepting interns from other schools. First interns we got are from University of San Jose Recolletos, my Alma matter.

We got Bryan, a few days later, Barbs and Angelo(another Angelo) started their internship with us also.
All 3 worked as designer interns, processing videos using adobe after effects.

We also hired our first internal QA Michelle by the month of February.

Visible in the picture, closest to the camera is Angelo, the new intern and Barbs. To the right of Barbs is Michelle, and behind her is Bryan.


Door R, the kitchen, and the pantry. 1 room is for the cook and the other room used as an office for the designers and their interns.


Designers meeting. Michelle is the QA for the designers, and new faces are Barbs and Angelo which are designer interns.


Designers room at door R. housing Brocs and 2 interns, Angelo and Barbs.

In April, Barbs, Angelo and Bryan are finishing their internship hours with us. We added 2 new interns, this time for the web development QAs.
New interns were Trina and Christine. And for the summer time intern, we have Amiel, who work as the new designer intern.

2017 new QA interns in action, Christine and Trina
2017 Brocs Brithday, in yellow is Amiel, our new summer intern
Angelo and Barbs interns with Brocs and Prince in the Door R designers room
Developers and QAs in the door S unit

Late in April, we had our 2nd major team building activity at Villa Mara, Minglanilla Cebu.

This concludes our 2 years of operation. Part 3 will be posted soon with updates starting from May 2017 up until recent day of 2018.

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