How it all started

It all began when Gram found my profile in and offered me a video editing job. I was looking for an online job back then and this is where it all began.
A few weeks after Gram was happy with the output I provided, we expanded and my wife joined me in the this job.
Another few weeks past, we got another person, my younger brother Angelo.

Angelo, Aila and me enjoy working at night when my kids are asleep. We used to work from the living room of our small house.

Just after a month after working with Gram, we needed to grow again and so came Prince.
From video editing, we  also started doing e-learning and then had to hire again, and so Brocs came along.
Just 1 month before we were going to be 1 yr in operation, Gram visited us.
His visit was for a project training and we are looking to expand to a bigger space for future growth.

Gram’s visit to train us for an upcoming project.

We found a space nearby our original home-office. It’s a 40 sqm apartment that we will be using starting to use our 1st year of operations.

Our first visit to the office space we currently use up until today. This is the first unit, door S. With Brocs, Gram, me and Prince.
After Gram left for Australia again, we resume our operations in the home office for a month before moving in to the new office.

Moving in to the new office, we needed to add more tables, chairs, laptops, appliances and new office staff.
First day of moving in to the office was also the first day of work for Tibor.

New Office 2016

New office chairs and locker

Additional locker and cabinets

Fridge with food and beer

Additional office chairs

Brocs chilling in the back of the office

First day at the new office with Tibor starting his first day as well

New switches and monitors

This concludes our 1st year of operations in Philippines.
This is the next chapter of this growth. How it all started – part 2

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